The Tolkien Usenet Groups' Chapter of the Week Project

Here follows the original introduction by Dr. Blofeld:

T (AFT) and rec.arts.books.tolkien (RABT) newsgroups are proud to present to you this weekly series of discussion threads. The purpose is to inspire some Tolkien book-reading and discussion on a regular schedule, at a pace most people can manage, and at all levels of expertise from complete newbies to lifelong Tolkien experts.

If you are new to these newsgroups, they are devoted to the books of J.R.R. Tolkien (and miscellaneous topics.) See the FAQ which is posted regularly, or find it at

Dr. Ernst Stavro Blofeld, 31st August 2003

A our series of discussions move beyond the three most well-known of Tolkien's books, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion, new vistas of Tolkien's sub-creative genius will be revealed. I mark this by making a new page for keeping the schedule (the old page was becoming quite long, anyway).

Hopefully our discussions will also bring new people to read Tolkien's other literature — including his non-Middle-earth stories, some of which start this series of weekly discussions,

Troels Forchhammer, 15th of May 2007.

Tales from the Perilous Realm

Page numbers taken from paperback edition by HarperCollins Publishers 2002 (ISBN 0 00 714912 3)

Chapter titles are invented for the purpose of this description, merely to be able to call them something.

Date Chapter Title Assigned

Farmer Giles of Ham

Pages 1 through 57

6th of August, 2007 First part:
pp 1 — 14(mid)

The Giant

From the beginning to the words: All seemed set fair — until the dragon came.

Troels Forchhammer
13th of August, 2007 Second part:
pp 14(mid) — 37


From In those days the dragons were already getting scarce in the Island. to “You will hear from us later,” he said, and rode off with his knights and his trumpeters.

Glenn Holliday
20th of August, 2007 Third part:
pp 38 — 57

Wales and Wails

From The more hopeful and simple-minded thought that a messenger . . . until the end.

Ciaran (Shahanan)

The Adventures of Tom Bombadil

Pages 61 through 118

Leaf by Niggle

Pages 121 through 144

Smith of Wootton Major

Pages 147 through 178

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